The objectives of the NCFRM is to further the principles of the North Carolina Republican Party and to promote Republican candidates in all elections

Our Mission

The Mission of this Federation shall be: We, the North Carolina Federation of Republican Men, shall work to promote our conservative values by working together to create fellowship among Republican men, supporting the principles, objectives, and platform of the Republican Party, fostering strong relationships with the community through demonstrations of citizenship and positive minded practices, educating our members on how they can participate in the electoral process, supporting our constituent clubs and always working to elect Republicans across this great state while understanding nothing can be accomplished without God’s help and guidance.

Our Goals

The NCFRM is striving to be an authoritative voice within the NCGOP.

The NCFRM aims to be a group that conservative candidates look to for endorsements in order to help secure them a win.

The NCFRM wants to have enough presence that the general assembly will listen to what the NCFRM say and want to remain in the NCFRM good graces.

The NCFRM wants our representatives in Washington to seek out NCFRM’s support and opinions on the matters important to all North Carolina residents.