How to Become a Member



A. Membership in the NCFRM shall be open to any Republican Men’s Club within North Carolina with (10) or more members who have formed a permanent organization, elected officers, adopted bylaws, paid their annual dues, and who hold at least four meetings within a twelve (12) month period.
B. Credentials— Each club must submit credentials annually, date to be set by Executive Committee of NCFRM, to be considered a federated club in good standing. The credentials shall include these items: a copy of the club’s bylaws, a list of the club officers and club members (including complete mailing address), and annual dues. These items shall be mailed to the President and Secretary of the Federation.


A club that advocates a split party ticket or supports a candidate running on an opposition ticket or against a Republican nominee shall not be admitted to, or continued in, membership.
B. A new club shall be admitted to membership only after approval of its bylaws by the NCFRM Executive Committee and the payment of dues. The word ‘Republican’ or ‘GOP’ shall be included in the title of all unit clubs.
C. A club shall continue in membership in the NCFRM as long as said club stays in NCFRM Bylaws compliance with the bylaws of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Men.

Application for New Clubs

A. There shall be no limit to the number of clubs that can be organized within any area.
B. Club Membership Applications, club bylaws, and annual dues shall be sent to the Secretary of the NCFRM, who will then forward applications to all members of the NCFRM Executive Committee for review and approval. Applications and bylaws shall be in duplicate and be accompanied by a membership list in alphabetical order, also in duplicate, of names and complete mailing addresses of club officers and all current members. The list shall include the telephone numbers of club officers. Electronic transmittal of such information, when feasible, shall be acceptable.
C. The Executive Committee shall have complete jurisdiction over applications. Acceptance shall be by majority vote of the committee.