N.C. 3rd Congressional District Republican Party Executive Committee Adopts Resolution Supporting President Trump’s Executive Order to Open Up America’s Energy Potential
November 3, 2017 News

WASHINGTON, N.C. – Executive Committee Members of the North Carolina 3rd Congressional District Republican Party met last month on Saturday, October 7, 2017, in Washington, North Carolina. By a unanimous vote, the Executive Committee adopted a resolution in support of President Trump’s plan to advance North America’s energy independence by starting the process of opening offshore areas to job-creating energy exploration.

“We applaud President Trump’s plan to spur our economy by tapping into North Carolina’s abundant energy resources. Opening up the outer continental shelf to exploration with responsible production will bring new and good paying jobs to our state. In fact a study completed by Moffatt and Nichol, a global infrastructure advisory firm, estimated that offshore drilling could potentially provide a total annual economic impact of 3,983 jobs and $203.0 million just to Dare County, which is only one of the eight counties bordering the Atlantic,” said Carl Mischka, Chairman of the N.C. GOP 3rd District.

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