Tyres Tatum
July 16, 2021 Uncategorized
I’m running for President of the North Carolina Federation of Republican Men.
“I would greatly appreciate the votes from the membership of the NCFRM group”.
Top Ten Goals for NC Federation of Republican Men’s Group
Grow the NCFRM group to 1 to 2 groups per county, 100-150 affiliated clubs in NC.
Make the NCFRM a viable part of the Executive Committee of the NC GOP
Continue to aid in the election of good strong conservative Republicans candidates in each county and state elections.
Foster a common, one on one relationship with the NC General Assembly Republican members.
Develop a common working relationship with our Republican US Senators and US House of Representative Members.
Back and support the NC GOP platform.
Promote the outreach of the NCFRM, by the Executive committee members visiting every men’s group in NC, affiliated and non-affiliated.
Develop a working relationship with other fellow GOP organizations, i.e. NCFYR & NCFRW. 
Continue the efforts of statewide fundraisers.
Look at the potential idea of working toward the development of a National Federation of Republican men’s group.
I don’t have any endorsements,  nor did I seek any, I will rely on the delegates to decide the direction of the organization in 2021!
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